Birth Stories: Stories of Women's Experiences of the Birth of Their Children

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  • Author: Vernon, David
  • Publisher: Finch Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781921462283
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 256
  • publication year: 2011

Each of these women discovered the value of being able to make informed decisions about their maternity care, and had positive and empowering birth experiences. David Vernon, the editor of Birth Stories writes "I am concerned that if women only hear the bad experiences, they will never gain the knowledge of how confidence-building a great birth can be. This is why I have collected these birth stories together - to let women and men read about women who have had a great birth and to encourage them to have a positive view of childbirth, rather than a fearful and anxious view". Professor Tracy writes "I want to share with you some of the findings of a recent study. Women, in Australia, who have had their babies in birth centres, reduce their chances by 99% of having a caesarean section and by 95% of having an instrumental birth. This shows what can happen when women have one-to-one midwifery care in an environment that promotes and encourages a birth to be normal and powerful". Professor Tracy continues "The stories you are about to read will confirm this for you. After all every woman and child has the right to a good strong start in life beginning with their entry into the world in a loving and gentle way".   Keywords: Birth