Bully for Them: Outstanding Australians on Hard Lessons Learned at School

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  • Author: Scott-Norman, Fiona
  • Publisher: Hardie Grant Australia
  • ISBN: 9781922213198
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 288
  • publication year: 2014


Bully for Them is a collection of interviews by Fiona Scott-Norman with famous and successful Australians who had a tough time at school - either being bullied, not fitting in, or facing other adversities. The concept for the book is simple: many of the most popular Australians today were outsiders when they were at school. Not only did they ‘get through' those difficult times, their school experiences helped shape them into the strong, resilient individuals they are today. The book is truly inspiring, sending the message that school is only a small part of your life, and a bright future is still possible, no matter what the circumstances you have to deal with when young. As such, it will provide comfort and perspective to the one in four students in Australia affected by bullying, as well as their parents.

Keywords: Individual Differences, Bullying, Age Groups, Adolescence, Children's Books, Emotions/Relaxation