Cultivating Calm: Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation (CD)

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  • Author: Vidler, Katy
  • Publisher: Parenting Connections Australia
  • ISBN: 9342906001899
  • Format: CD
  • publication year: 2012

Katy Vidler is a clinical psychologist and former teacher, with a passion for the use of mindfulness and kindness in psychotherapy, and in daily life. In addition to her clinical training she has undergone extensive specialty training in the use of mindfulness in psychotherapy with the Hakomi Institute. Katy has a passon for experiential learning, and the healing capacity of groups. After developing a range of Mindfulness Meditation and Relaxation groups for both children and adults, she has honoured the numberous requests of her group participants to "make a CD". The CD includes a range of practices to assist individuals to both physically relax their bodies, and mentally calm their minds and emotional states. Designed for both the beginner and busy person, who wishes to practice relaxation and meditation within the realistic time demands of modern life. Gentle spoken word only, makes the CD accessible to people of all backgrounds and preferences, with its straightforward guidance through the various practices. Additional instructions for use within the front cover permit people to further tailor the use of this CD to their changing needs.  

Keywords: CD, Mental Health - Child and Family, Children's Books, Emotions/Relaxation