Holistic Baby Guide

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  • Author: Neustaedter, Randall
  • Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
  • ISBN: 9781572246935
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 230
  • publication year: 2010

You can heal your baby's symptoms with a holistic treatment plan that includes natural medicines, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle changes, instead of turning to potentially harmful chemical products and medications. This comprehensive handbook is filled with safe and effective holistic treatments for colds, digestive problems, allergies, asthma, and other health issues babies and toddlers commonly experience in their first years of life. An invaluable reference that belongs on every parent's bookshelf, The Holistic Baby Guide offers simple and natural remedies for treating the symptoms of common ailments. It also provides a fully integrated plan for building your baby's immune system to prevent chronic medical problems and ensure your baby's good health. This guide offers holistic solutions for: Relieving colic, reflux, and other worrisome digestive problems; Healing eczema, cradle cap, and diaper rash; Treating acute illnesses such as fevers, colds, and ear infections; Resolving allergies and asthma; Strengthening your baby's immune system. Give your baby the gift of good health today. Keywords: Parenting, Postnatal, Age Groups, Physical/General Health, Infancy