Keeping Your Child in Mind: Overcoming Defiance, Tantrums, and Other Everyday Behavior Problems by Seeing the World Through Your Child's Eyes

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  • Author: Gold, Claudia M.
  • Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books
  • ISBN: 9780738214856
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 224
  • publication year: 2011

Being understood by someone you love is one of the most powerful feelings, at all ages. For a young child, it is the most important of all experiences because it allows the child's mind and sense of self to grow. In the midst of the perennial concerns parents bring to Dr. Claudia Gold, she shows the magical effect of seeing a problem from their child's point of view. Most parenting books teach parents what to do to solve behavior problems, but Dr. Gold shows parents "how to be" with a child. Crises are defused when children feel truly heard and validated; this is how they learn to understand, and, eventually, control themselves. Dr. Gold's insightful guide uses new research in developmental psychology and vivid stories from her practice to show parents how to keep a child in mind and deepen this central relationship in their lives.  Keywords: Parenting, Age Groups, Behaviour/Discipline, Toddlerhood, Preschool Years, Primary School Years