Post-Baby Conversation, The

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  • Author: Osbourne, Alison
  • Publisher: Rockpool Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781877082788
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 288
  • publication year: 2006

The Post Baby Conversation is a first: a relationship book for new parents. It is not a book about babies and it's not about how to be a parent. It's about how to be a happy couple after the arrival of children. Has your relationship changed since you had a baby? Do you ever get to talk or spend time as a couple? Do you feel understood? Do you feel angry, frustrated or resentful? Do you have less sex? When a modern couple become parents, both men and women develop expectations of what their partner should do and provide, often based on outdated traditional stereotypes; and many couples co-exist unhappily for years. Find out how other couples feel post-baby. Learn how to create equality, understanding and fulfillment in your post-baby relationship. 'What we can do' sections will help you design something new that suits you both and provides a happy, nurturing environment for your family.

Keywords: Postnatal, Birth, Family and Couples