Shared Parenting: Raising Your Children Cooperatively After Separation

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  • Author: Burrett, Jill
  • Publisher: Finch Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781876451721
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 192
  • publication year: 2006

Research shows that children in separated families do best when both parents are actively involved in their lives. The aim of shared parenting is to have children in post-separation/divorce families spend substantially equal time with both parents. Shared parenting is widely regarded as the best parenting arrangement because it focuses on the benefits the child can gain through having such time. However, in many family situations, the implementation of this may seem daunting: equal time with both parents might be an unrealistic ideal, and communication between ex-partners may be difficult. So how can shared parenting really work? In this practical and concise book, two highly experienced practitioners provide parents with straightforward advice and consider a range of sample parenting plans. they help parents construct approaches that reflect the practicalities of their split family life - and always ensure that the child's needs are considered foremost.  Keywords: Parenting, Separation and Divorce