Sleeping Like A Baby

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  • Author: McKay, Pinky
  • Publisher: Penguin Group Australia
  • ISBN: 9780143004523
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 336
  • publication year: 2006

Are you obsessed about your baby's sleep? Do you feel 'weak' because you can't leave him to cry himself to sleep? Do you need to relax more and enjoy being a parent? Parenting expert Pinky McKay offers a natural, intuitive approach to solving your little ones' sleep problems and gives practical tips on how to: understand your baby's tired cues; create a safe sleeping environment; gently settle babies and toddlers; and, feed infants to encourage sleep. Sleeping Like a Baby is a must-read for stress-free, guilt-free parenting and offers down-to-earth and heartening advice on helping babies (and their parents) to sleep better.  

Keywords: Parenting, Sleep, Age Groups, Infancy, Postnatal, Settling