Tricky Teens

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  • Author: Fuller, Andrew
  • Publisher: Finch Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781925048186
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 291
  • publication year: 2014
Andrew Fuller’s new book Tricky Teens provides parents with a step-by-step guide to understanding what is really going on in the minds of their teenagers - and why; handling common conflict situations faced by every family with a teenager and successfully navigating common difficulties; creating a relatively peaceful happy family environment; and raising your teens so that they can successfully leave home, get a job and become wonderful adults. A clinical psychologist, Andrew has spent years helping parents understand and assist their tricky teens to safely navigate adolescence. He says that the key to understanding teenagers is to realise that their behaviour is caused by two things: the routines and habits that are ingrained in their lives and their families’ lives; and the neurochemicals and hormones washing around in that massive soup bowl called their brains. Learning how to parent in ways that manage the heady heights and deep troughs of moods and acts caused by these neurochemicals is life saving and sanity preserving.
Keywords: Parenting, General, Behaviour/Discipline, Boys, Girls, Age Groups, Adolescence