What's Happening to Our Boys? B Format Paperback Edition

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  • Author: Hamilton, Maggie
  • Publisher: Penguin Group Australia
  • ISBN: 9780143205234
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 320
  • publication year: 2010

At Risk: How the New Technologies, Drugs and Alcohol, Peer Pressure and Porn affect our Boys

What kind of world are our boys growing up in? Why are increasing numbers of boys suffering body image and self-esteem problems? Why do they feel worthless without the latest branded toy, game or item of clothing? What makes soft drinks, snacks and fast foods so attractive? Why are they drawn to countless acts of violence on TV, in movies and in computer games? What impact does our highly sexualised climate and our emphasis on success and money have on them as they grow? And why are so many boys vulnerable to cyber bullying and to porn? Childhood and teenage life is changing rapidly, leaving parents exhausted and confused as to how best to tackle the many issues they face. How does this high-pressure environment affect a boy's confidence, his values and aspirations, his wellbeing, his sense of community, his attitudes to girls and women? In her follow-up book to What's Happening to Our Girls? Maggie Hamilton asks these and many other vital questions, as well as providing numerous tips for parents and educators on how to create a more promising future for our children.  

Keywords:  Parenting, Boys, Adolescence, Age Groups