Your Child's Emotional Needs: What They Are and How To Meet Them

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  • Author: Flory, Vicky
  • Publisher: Finch Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781876451653
  • Format: Paperback
  • number of pages: 224
  • publication year: 2005

Today there is no shortage of advice for parents on how to deal with their childs difficult behaviour but, childrens emotional needs are rarely discussed. In this groundbreaking book, Dr Vicky Flory explains the connections between childrens emotions and behaviour, overall wellbeing, friendships, school performance and their ability to adjust to adolescence. Dr Flory, a lecturer in psychology at Australian Catholic University, helps parents understand normal emotional development in children from birth to age 12 and discusses common emotional disorders and difficulties such as depression and anxiety. Keywords: Parenting, Age Groups, Toddlerhood, Preschool Years, Primary School Years